To all competitors attending the Commonwealth Games we wish you a wonderful time and may you find reward, satisfaction and considerable enjoyment whilst here.

To those who have come to watch and encourage either friends or fellow countrymen compete, we trust that you will find enjoyment, exhilaration, pride and encouragement as these young men and women put their commitment on the line for their country.

For us locals, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy best the Commonwealth can offer.

Anyone wishing to stay on for a few days after the Games have concluded, phone 07 5537 9466 for some good prices in a lovely tranquil part of the Gold Coast.

Take care.

Our restaurant has just changed hands and the new owners are offering the most fabulous range of breakfasts at a very reasonable price and they will soon have their inventory finalised for evening meals as well
For a limited time, we have some yummy promotional deals, so call us on 07 5537 9466
To combine with this, being low season, you can twist our arms on accommodation prices as well and with a quick phone call to the above number, we can tell you what we have available.
In low season everything else on the cost is cheaper as well and coupled with fewer people, it is an ideal time to be visiting this still exciting holiday destination.
Holiday season is at it’s best in December, historically this is the iconic time of the year when happiness abounds with everyone in holiday mood creating a wonderful atmosphere to share.
Of necessity, prices are always higher, but we do have a few units left in early December at “shoulder prices”.
The building is showing off it’s new colours to amazingly good effect making it look fresh and bright and as one wag put it “The Atrium in racing stripes”. That’s because the building is white with two very light grey stripes rising vertically offsetting the main colour. does this mean that we are quick to make a deal? You bet!
We wish everyone a peaceful joyous Festive season with family and or friends
Spring is here and a young man’s heart turns toward……. Kitesurfing, waterskiing, and surf-skiing… and mums and dads can bask in the warm sunshine while their kids run themselves ragged at the theme parks.
It is just a glorious time of the year with all the promise of new life as we look toward the peak holiday time of summer.
The Broadwater looks magic with its lovely blue water contrasting the white sails of the yachts floating gently on breeze; a very soothing sight from the water facing units while the vista from the west facing units looking to the mountains in the distance has its own tranquillity,
This is “off-season” pricing so if you want the best at a good price, contact us now by phone 07 5537 9466 or email
It is supposed to be mid-winter and here I am at work, wearing short sleeves and a sweat upon my brow. Eat your heart out Victorians; actually, no, better still come up and share in the heat, we’d love to welcome you. I know the Victorian winter chill can cut to the bone and the best way to defrost is a little escape to the sunshine. You deserve a break.
Okay, so what has been happening at the Atrium you may be asking?

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Our Autumn report tells us that it is still very warm and showing little sign of cooling off. So, if you are reading this in Tassie or New Zealand, come up and see us for some warmth; you deserve it and we would love to share it with you. We feel a little selfish enjoying it all for ourselves.
(If you are coming from New Zealand, I will do a deal with you. You don’t talk about the Rugby and I won’t talk about the Nitball…. Sound fair?  :-))

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This Quarter I am excited to illustrate some new improvements here at the Atrium to enhance the pleasure of your holiday.
The purpose-built areas in the resort are hot favourites with our guests. This includes the Games Room, the Gym and the BBQ area.  As high traffic areas, we are always improving them to ensure your experience is of the highest quality.

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I am absolutely delighted (and relieved!) that I can now tell you that our progressive Body Corporate has replaced our ageing BBQ’s with brand new state of the art electric BBQ’s and they are working beautifully. Every time. Just in time for the return of the summer.
(I think that I can smell the lovely aroma of steak cooking on the rooftop right now…:-))

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