Lift refurbishment planned


Lift refurbishment planned

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I am delighted to announce that the Body Corporate has agreed to a $330,000 refurbishment of the two lifts in the building and (I guess obviously) these will be done one at a time commencing with Lift One.

The lifts are the original that came when the building was constructed and during this time they have given sterling service,  but they have well and truly got to the end of their ‘use by’ date.

We had arrived at the point that occasionally the lifts were stopping midway between floors or just not opening the doors on arrival at your floor, or worse still, someone else’s floor.

We will also be fitting exhaust fans so that the journey between floors will be a little more comfortable during our lovely Queensland summers!

It was not an easy decision for the Body Corporate as it is a huge expense, but it is also recognised that guest security and comfort are the top priority.

Thank you